Gajeel X Levy
Hello :D This is a blog for the Fairy Tail shipping Gajeel x Levy (Gale)! We own nothing we post/reblog. Our blog is mostly fan art. We do sometimes reblog other anime too c:
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so apparently this blog has existed for two years now.
me and imma-fan-gurl first made it in the middle of the night over a skype call that had been going for hours and hours.
we got nearly a hundred followers just that first night.
it’s been really fun running this thing.
thanks for following, we both really appreciate it c:

My brother while watching attack on titan (via otaku-delivery)

(via shut-up-karen)

I am hardcore shipping Jean Kirstein with survival.


I decided to hop in and try being funny hope you like it

P.S none of the gifs used here are mine  credits goes to the owner and ill gladly take the gif down if he wants to^^Just inbox me

(via an-otaku-panda)


i love you like a sister. no oreimo

(Source: tsukimikurashita, via cowboyish)

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